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Lisa Rose Paulsen(non-registered)
I shot at The National Matches in around 1980 w/ my team and my Coach, David Lyman from Blue Trail Rifle Range in Middlefield, CT.
What I remember most were the sleeping conditions and shower accommodations lol. I’m sure they’ve been nicely updated by now ;-) And the Military Police! Yikes
RIP Dave & Jay
Larry Shoemaker(non-registered)
Waiting on my very first M1 Garand rifle to arrive! Ordered through the CMP on January 15, 2021. Can't believe I will actually own one of the greatest battle implement ever devised! All thanks to the CMP, the awesome armourers and all employees working there because of their unselfish devotion and passion for keeping History alive which makes it all possible for me to own one! GOD BLESS you all! Keep up the AWESOME work!
visit site(non-registered)
visit site Your posts is rather intriguing.
Hello sir, this was the LAST ITEM ON MY BUCKET LIST . the first time shooting in it , it was a pleasure to find everyone so very helpful and a beautiful range .
John Hawk(non-registered)
Looking for the 20116 Camp Perry Pistol matches.
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